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We take this opportunity to introduce ourselves as one of the leading system Integrator, who provides the multi brand solutions in the field of security.

We provide a range of high performing of sales and services on CCTV, Alarm, Access Control and audio and video Intercom System for Childcare. for verification and is an effective way to enhance your Childcare security. We have an established industry reputation for providing premium Childcare security solutions and customer service that sets the industry standard and is second to none.

Our Security Systems cater for commercial and corporate level. Our Childcare Security Systems include access control products that feature Keypads, biometrics, card and wireless key fob credentials that are encrypted with digital IP technology- and we offer your remote management of the access control and remote viewing of the CCTV this enables you to have the highest levels of Electronic security available for your Childcare providing an audit trail to identify the movement of card holders throughout your Childcare.

When minding and dealing with your clients’ children, there are so many safety precautions taken into account such as preventing hazards, reducing food related allergies or ensuring all children are looked after fairly, let alone security measures such as preventing unauthorized guardians or unwanted visitors from entering the premise.



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